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  • Kategori :Mat og drikke
  • Pris :249,-
  • Utgitt :2010
  • Format :Innbundet
  • ISBN : 978-82-516-3625-4

Coffee with Tim Wendelboe

Pris : 249,-

Learn to make fantastic coffee at home from the World Barista Champion, Tim Wendelboe!

Let Tim Wendelboe, Norwegian and World Barista Champion, show you how to make the best coffee - for parties, at the office, in the park or at your own breakfast table.

Tim discusses coffee as a commodity, how it is grown, processed and imported to Norway. He also explains why xome cups of coffee taste so much better than others.

This book will give you tips on how to choose the right equipment, an introduction to various brewing methods, and useful knowledge about how to choose the best beans.

You will also get advice on how to serve your coffee to create the best possible coffee experience for you and your guests.

OM Forfatteren

Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe (født 1979) er en norsk barista. Han er flere ganger norgesmester i baristakunst,…


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