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In June 2015, Schibsted Forlag was acquired by Vigmostad & Bjørke. Read the Official statement here.

In 1839 Chr. Schibsteds Forlag/publishing house was established by the printer Christian Schibsted in Christiania (now Oslo). This makes Schibsted Forlag the starting point for Schibsted, and the basis of what is today Norway’s largest and one of Scandinavia’s leading media groups.
Schibsted Forlag has a diverse portfolio comprising of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, light fiction, annuals and comics. The publishing house also imports and stocks foreign book titles, with particular emphasis on English-language literature.

Diversity and quality
Schibsted Forlag publishes factual books and annuals. Popular titles include Guinness World Records, Sportsboken (English title The sport book) and Værdagbok (English title Weather diary). It is, however, Hvem Hva Hvor  (English title Who What Where) which is most widely known among all of Schibsted Forlag’s annuals. It has been published since 1936 with more than four million copies in print.

The long list of authors connected to Schibsted Forlag consists of many well known names, such as Finn-Erik Vinje, Per Egil Hegge, Dag Otto Lauritzen, Atle Nielsen, Håvard Rem, Geir Salvesen og Tommy Sørbø, to mention a few of the Norwegian non-fiction writers who has most frequently contributed to the publisher’s book catalogues in recent years.

The books by bishop and author Per Arne Dahl  is also published by Schibsted Forlag. Dahl’s writings are filled with warmth, wisdom and afterthought, and he has gained a special position as an author within the publishing house and among his many readers.

Fiction on the rise
Schibsted Forlag’s translated fiction titles has experienced a prominent growth in recent years, and the publishing house has had an astonishing success in this area both among the critics and the audience.

Schibsted Forlag is the Norwegian publisher of the Afghan American author Khaled Hosseini, who has mesmerized Norwegians with his books Drageløperen (English title The Kite Runner), Tusen strålende soler (English title A Thousand Splendid Suns) and Fjellene ga gjenlyd (English title And the Mountains Echoed) .

The British author Victoria Hislop and her titles Øya (English title The Island), Hjemkomsten (English title The Return), Tråden (English title The Thread) and Soloppgang (English title The Sunrise) have been a success both with critics and the reading audience. The same can be said about the Australian writer Kate Morton and her books Tilbake til Riverton (English title The House of Riverton,  also known as The Shifting Fog), Den glemte hagen (English title The Forgotten Garden), En svunnen tid (English title The distant Hours) and Hemmeligheter (English title The Secret Keeper). The books by Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown on the Norwegian market have also been well noted.

Within the crime genre, Schibsted Forlag has succeeded with the Norwegian crime novelist Frode Granhus, whose work has so far been translated into nine languages. Among Scandinavian authors we will emphasize Leif GW Persson and Mikael Katz Krefeld.

Our list of Norwegian fiction includes several critically acclaimed authors, including Ida Løkås, Margit Walsø, Trine Vollan and Eivind Larssen.

Light fiction - a cornerstone
Light fiction is one of the cornerstones of the publishing house, which in 1949 introduced the paperback format to Norway. Well known authors such as Kjell Hallbing and Margit Sandemo have strongly contributed to the popularity of the Norwegian fiction series. To Schibsted Forlag this is a part of the company’s history that it is highly committed to.

Margit Sandemo, the bestselling Nordic author particularly known for her series Sagaen om Isfolket (English title The Legend of the Ice People), is still writing for Schibsted Forlag.  In 2014 she received the King’s Medal of Merit for her authorship.

In recent years, a new generation of light fiction authors has emerged at Schibsted Forlag. Among the many popular writers are Bente Pedersen and her series Tre søstre (English title Three Sisters) and Trollkvinne (English title Sorceress), Laila Brenden, who writes the Fjellroser series (English title Mountain Rose) and Trine Angelsen, who is the author of Thea and Hverdagsengler (English title Everyday Angels). These three authors are all experiencing great successes with their books among the audience.

Schibsted Forlag is continually on the search for new talents within the light fiction genre, and launched no less than five new series in 2014.

Great diversity for children and young adults
Schibsted Forlag is among Norway’s leading publishers of translated children’s and YA fiction. Our portfolio contains several international successes, and Rick Riordan’s books about Percy Jackson, Veronica Roth’s Divergent-series, Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments,and Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants all feature on the 2014 bestseller lists. Our backlist features titles by Neil Gaiman, Jay Asher, Jonathan Stroud and Ransom Riggs.

Over the past few years, we have also cultivated a small and selective list of Norwegian titles.  Amongst them are the award winning Sammen skal vi holde himmelen, by Ellen Fjestad (English title: The Eye of the Spectator) and the Samuel Sekel series by Tina Trovik.

Schibsted Forlag also publishes comics. Batman Kids and Dora and Kollektivet are the most well known. We also publish special Christmas editions of popular comics.


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